Policy on Tours and Reservations

At Hermosa Adventures, we have established longstanding partnerships with various tour operators and vendors to provide you with memorable travel experiences. While we make every effort to ensure the safety and responsibility of all arrangements, please be aware of the following:

  1. Responsibility: While we endeavor to facilitate seamless arrangements, Hermosa Adventures is not responsible for any issues that may arise during the tour or reservation process.
  2. Liability: Hermosa Adventures is not liable for any injuries sustained during tours or activities, nor are we responsible for any natural or unfortunate occurrences that may affect your travel plans.
  3. Commitment to Safety: With years of experience, we work closely with our partners to prioritize safety and responsibility. However, please note that unforeseen circumstances may occur despite our best efforts.
  4. Deposit Policy: Once a tour is booked and a deposit is sent, it is non-refundable. Even in the event of a last-minute cancellation, deposits cannot be refunded.
  5. Third-party Services: We may engage with third-party vendors to fulfill your travel requests. In such cases, any disputes or concerns regarding their services should be addressed directly with the respective vendor.